ikhaya lenjabulo

Sponsor Actions

At the moment there are two sponsor actions organized by the working group:

  1. Upper floor for the children’s home.
  2. Second car.

1. We have decided to build the children’s home, that we are building now, in parts so we can split the costs. At the moment there is a third of the ground floor finished and we had to consider what would be more sensible, go on with the rest of the ground floor or start with the upper floor on the piece that is already build. We have decided to start with the upper floor because, it is much cheaper and then we can make several bedrooms, also for the orphans. That’s why this sponsor action has been established.

2. At the moment we have a land rover defender, which was purchased through a sponsor action, but we noticed that we are now often a car short. Every working day, there is a need to take the kids to school and to pick them up. The car will remain at the pre-school so that there, in case of emergency, is a means of transport. However, if there is an emergency at the children’s home, then we have no means of transport. This is the main reason that the sponsor action came about. Other reasons are:

  1. Costs; the land rover is expensive in consumption and maintenance. Making it seems sensible to us to buy a more fuel-efficient car.
  2. Service intervals; if a car goes for maintenance we would still have a car at our disposal.

As you may have noticed in the reasons above we are looking for a smaller car/bakkie which is yet strong enough for our terrain.