ikhaya lenjabulo

About I.L

The foundation was founded in 2011. The purpose of the foundation is, “to provide an open house for displaced children and offering prospects for the future. This for a period of time or until they have reached the adult age. Where necessary we will accommodate children even after reaching the adult age. Providing quality education for the children of the orphanage and, where possible, for children of the immediate vicinity (neighbourhood) of the school, because there are almost no good schools for black children”. (Quote from Act of Ikhaya Lenjabulo). By the combination of a home for the children and education, we want to help the children in the best possible way to a bright future. Foundation Ikhaya Lenjabulo distinguishes itself from the other children’s homes because; we offer the orphans not only a place to eat and sleep but also a new “home”. Brando and Lianne have in the six months, when they were working for another foundation in SA, noticed that there are many orphanages that offer sleeping places and food but they all lack the “home effect”. With “home effect” we mean the love and attention that a child is supposed to get from his/her parents such as:

  • Ask how it was at school
  • Help with homework
  • Teaching what is right or wrong
  • Together eating, drinking, playing and such

This is also for us the most important thing in all our children’s homes that they all have the “home effect”. In addition to the “home effect”, we also make a point of offering quality education for the children of the orphanage and, where possible, for the children of the immediate vicinity (neighbourhood) of the school. The government schools in South-Africa maintain a passing grade of 3.3 while in the Netherlands we maintain a passing grade of 5.0. Unfortunately the most follow up studies in SA find a 3.3 too low to allow the children in to there school. It therefore follows, though you have a high school diploma you cannot learn any further. Many employer fins the passing grade also too low and therefore most graduates can’t get a proper job. Hence the foundation Ikhaya Lenjabulo that it is so important to provide good education. So the kids will have a change of a good future.

In addition to all this the Foundation tries, as much as possible, to help the community. Through employment, transport, offering advice where needed, etc. etc.

Children’s Homes

At present, foundation I.L. is building a Children’s homes in South-Africa, in the province Kwazaulu-Natal, in a village called Engoje. Engoje is a small village with a lot of poverty and orphans, much demand for help. The surrounding villages and towns are actually just like Engoje. Very poor and several orphan’s. At present there is a third of the ground floor built of the orphanage and the goal this year is to build a floor above it so that the first orphans can arrive.


The first Pre-School is started in the same village, as you can read above Engoje is very poor and the nearest pre-school is a 6km walk. Foundation Ikhaya Lenjabulo found this too far for children from 3 years old and we have thus decided to start one in Engoje. Now it turns out that the primary schools find our pre-school so good that children from other villages want to come, only transport is a problem. At the moment there are 3 teachers at our pre-school and approximately 14 “pupils” each year.



At the moment, the three teachers of the pre-school also continue their studies so that they may soon give primary school education and in the future high school. They follow all three a home study from Unisa so they can continue to teach on the pre-school.