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Author: Dyana


Dear Brando, Lianne and Family and friends.

Often i catch myself looking at this page to leave a message for you all, but did'nt have the courage to do so.
Well...today I just wanted to say thats it's admirable that you all do so much for the children in South-Africa and I have always promised myself that if i come to some point in my life that I can afford to come to you and help out i will.

Since i have met you and Lianne and your father (Sjoerd) my puzzle of coming back to the Lord has been completed and my life has been more complete since then.
So I just wanted to say: Thank you all.
And the Lord is with us all.

Author: Brando van Oosten

Chat with

It will be very nice if people will leave here a message. We have recently internet here in South Africa what makes it easier for me to read the chats and respond on it. I hope to chat with you very soon

Author: Arjan

There it is!!!

Dear everyone.

The new website of Ikhaya Lenjabulo is online. We changed allot of things. It took allot of blood sweat and tears but we managed it and it is finally online!

Enjoy the website and leave a message!